Philips Sonicare AirFloss Rechargeable Do not use the wire? Trust AirFloss For those who do not use the wire regularly, AirFloss is an easy way to clean teeth. AirFloss can be used with mouthwash or water and uses a unique technology that uses air and micro-droplets to remove plaque in the most difficult areas. CHARACTERISTICS Cleaning the whole mouth in just 30 seconds With AirFloss, cleaning the whole mouth takes only 30 seconds. Just press the button once for a single jet, then move and repeat. To use the new functionality of automatic spray, hold down the button and move the tip of the guide from one space to another. It will automatically emit a spray at second. It helps improve gum health in just two weeks Sonicare AirFloss is clinically tested and helps improve gum health in just two weeks. Tip. Awards. Clean! Fill the tank handle with mouthwash or fresh water for cleaning, then points and prizes. The tank contains liquid enough for two uses. The tip guide ensures correct positioning The thin nozzle and angled tip guide simplify positioning. Just slide along the surface of the teeth near the gum line, until the tip is inserted into the space between the teeth. An easy way to improve interdental cleaning The interdental cleaning is very important for oral health. AirFloss is an easy way to run a deeper interdental cleaning and create a healthy habit. After three months of using AirFloss, 96% of those who used dental floss on a non-regular AirFloss continued to use four or more days a week. It helps to prevent cavities in your teeth Gently removing the plaque that water did not remove the toothbrush, Sonicare AirFloss helps prevent the formation of cavities between teeth. Ergonomic and comfortable Designed to be easily used in small spaces, AirFloss is equipped with an ergonomic and comfortable grip. Certification Eco Passport Philips is very careful to respect the environment and society in general, strongly investing in eco-design of thei

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Philips Hx8211/02 Sonicare Airfloss Floss Air / Water To Intermittence, Water Jet

Philips Sonicare Airfloss

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